Link Building

Link Building

What do other websites say about your own? Your site’s digital reputation is comprised of all the links that point back to it. When a quality website makes a relevant reference to yours and links to it using specific keywords, search engines will use that to determine the worthiness and reputation of that site. Managing all these different links is called link building.

Some link building comes completely organically. Sometimes sites create a resource that’s so original and useful that sites will use it is a resource. Other times, building links takes a little bit of a push to get seen by people and search engines. It’s a multi-step process, but when done right can bring in a major return on investment.

An Example of Great Link Building

Let’s say you run a local supplier for commercial kitchen appliances. A well-known food blogger publishes a monthly column about up-and-coming restaurants in the southwest. The perfect opportunity to create a partnership in this instance would be if one of those columns should mention new kitchen technology or the latest trends used by chefs. The blogger links to your supplier when talking about new appliance tech, and search engines recognize and ultimately reward the relationship created with that link.

Link building that’s worthwhile takes time and patience. Just as you won’t link out to every great resource out there, other sites can be choosy as well. That’s what gives us the drive to create the best and most linkable content strategy for you.

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We’re not about simply the quantity, but we care about the quality. It doesn’t matter if you have over 900 backlinks if the majority of them aren’t good. We will always do a backlink analysis before we start a link building campaign and assess the health of your off-page SEO and link portfolio.

An Example of Bad Link Building

Unfortunately, there are agencies out there taking cheap shortcuts for cheap results. This usually manifests in the form of paid links — that’s when a publisher is paid to post a link on his or her website on behalf of the client. That’s bad policy, expensive in the long run, and it won’t provide the long-lasting results your website truly needs.

Some agencies also point links from  “bad neighborhood” sites to competitors. “Bad neighborhoods” are sites in sectors that you may not want to visit at work. This is in hopes of lowering their rankings, allowing your business to shine. Not only is this immoral, but it’s a cheap tactic that’s looked down upon by any legitimate agency and is not a sustainable practice. Your site’s SEO, content, and other factors need to be on point first and foremost before the link building begins.


How We Make It Happen

There are no shortcuts in quality link building. We put in the time and effort necessary to create the right partnerships with reputable, relevant publishers. We have the dedication to overcome objections that may arise and share your link with quality websites and influencers. This will boost you up in the rankings because you have a great website and provide value — not because of manipulation, immoral link building and shady tactics.

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