Keyword Research and Keyword Planning

Keyword Research and Keyword Planning

Know the “why” before you spend time and resources on the “what.” Planning proper keyword research to drive traffic to your website is like a game of chess, and you can’t win without carefully planning the right moves.

Why Keyword Research Matters

Keywords are a game of “choose your battles.” A locally-owned smartphone repair shop would love to rank for the search terms “iPhone” and “Android,” but that just isn’t realistic. And while those two examples are obvious, most require more time and research to discover.

That same shop, however, could rank for search terms like “Android repair in Phoenix” or “iPhone repair in Phoenix.” That’s what good keyword research uncovers—what competitors rank for, which keywords have opportunity, and which terms can help grow your business.

Trends and search behavior changes with time and technology. In the past, it wouldn’t have been strange to see keywords that didn’t make much sense contextually on pages. This is because of the way people type to search things. With the prevalence of smartphones and voice-to-text, optimizing for voice and local search is becoming more important by the day. So while your business may have amazing and useful content, it may not be ranking for what you want it to. That’s where Donovic Media steps in.

How We Make It Happen

Keyword research involves a thorough five-step process:

  • Analyze your website and set goals for the most desired keywords.
  • Research your audience and figure out what they’re searching.
  • Look into your competitors to see how they rank for specific keywords.


competitors keyword comparison

As you’ll see here, if you wanted to rank for guitar stores in phoenix or variations thereof, we would compare your rankings against your competitors. This allows us to gain insight into how to best optimize your site to rank for certain keywords.


  • Use the best tools to expand your list of opportunistic keywords (and thus make your content strategy more robust).


term frequency analysis tdf-idf

We have tools that allow us to look at term frequency on content and stack it up to your competitors. This could be an opportunity to add those finishing touches or keywords that can push you over the edge and on top!


  • Review and execute.

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