SEO and Marketing Consulting Services

SEO Consulting and Marketing Services

For business owners with some SEO experience or teams dedicated to search, consulting is the perfect way to help create a vision for your SEO goals and guide your team towards reaching that goal. If you’re questioning your strategy, or need a third party view, having a consultant look things over will aid in site success.

Professional consulting from Donovic Media provides:

SEO Strategy Development

We can help allocate your SEO budget so that every dollar goes towards maximum results. This includes everything from areas of focus to staffing reviews. A good strategy will set the wheels in motion so that your team can run independently, with us staying close by.

Software Recommendations

Here’s something many digital agencies won’t tell you: software isn’t always necessary to do SEO work. However, it will make life much easier. For example, if you wanted to find every page on your site, this could take hours without any SEO tools. With SEO software, it will take a matter of seconds to minutes.

Software provides data, analytics, and the tools necessary to put in the work in each website. We use the latest software for our SEO endeavors and can recommend with confidence the right tools your company needs to thrive online. This is third-party software, so we do not “sell” anything to make a commission.

Quality Assurance

So many people and agencies claim they “know SEO,” but how many will vouch for the quality of their work through to the very end? Along with execution, we’ll guide your team to maintain search engine rankings with best practices and quality assurance.

Staffing Review

Who’s working on your search results and what is their background with SEO? We’re certainly not here to downsize, but simply create efficiencies for your company. That means reviewing your staff, finding training opportunities, and recommending new positions to help meet your goals.

In essence, we provide consultancy in every service that we provide, and more.

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