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One size does not fit all. Every business, from startups and small business to large enterprise, needs a personalized solution. This is why every marketing plan at Donovic Media is built around your specific needs and will evolve with your business — every step of the way.

Crush your competitors in search engine rankings, dominate the paid advertising landscape, make your mark in the social media scene, and more — whatever your goal, Donovic Media will create the perfect solution to make it happen.

Search Engine Optimization

On-Page and off-page optimization that increases visibility in search, traffic, and ultimately conversion.

Website Auditing

An in-depth analysis into your website to determine key opportunities to build upon or revise.

Link Building

Increase traffic and rankings with authoritative and quality links to your website.

Content Strategy

Planning, creating, and managing an on-site content strategy as well as content marketing strategy.

Social Media

Services ranging from enhancing your social media profiles, social media reputation boosting, and social media management.

Paid Advertising

Pay per click (PPC) and visual advertising campaigns with quick results.

Keyword Research

Relevant keywords are what people type into search engines. Make sure the keywords you’re targeting are being searched.

Backlink Analysis

A link isn’t always a link. While backlinks are crucial to your site, some may do more harm than good.


When your website simply needs a professional opinion and some coaching to get on the right track, choose our consulting services.

Why Choose Donovic Media?

 A Proven Record In Results

Increased Revenue

You will have an immense return on investment choosing us, with experience that has helped sites see revenue increases by over 500% per month – easily paying for the cost of service and beyond.

Personalized Campaigns

Every marketing campaign is completely different. Though there’s concepts that can work across the board, every brand and niche has its unique needs and challenges. We’ll work with you to come up with a plan that will work with your brand and within your budget.

Dedicated Account Management

We believe that you can’t show clients proper attention if you’re all over the place. That is why you will have one dedicated point of contact who will be the centerpoint of all your marketing initiatives. No need to jump through hoops and contact multiple people for questions.

History And Experience - About

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do

History and Experience

Donovic Media was started in late 2016 by Nik Donovic. He brings over 5 years of online marketing and sales experience to the table by having worked with a multitude of small business, large national brands, law firms, and affiliate marketing sites. Nik has lead large marketing initiatives to great success, including expanding customer recognition, elevated traffic, and increased conversion.

Some companies are looking to expand from their local market to a national market, and some startups are looking to build an online presence from the ground up. No matter what your ultimate goal is, we can help you get there.

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